Malay Language

Key Personnel
Malay Language Coordinator : Mdm Yasmin Bte Azahari
Aims & Objectives
To ensure that our pupils know and understand the Malay Language and culture as part of Singapore’s multi-racial community. To develop a love for both the language and culture.

Through a holistic approach and in line with the Arif Budiman Vision we aim to help our pupils achieve and become a learned person who contributes to society.
Key Programmes
1. Prebaya Programme

The Prebaya programme aims at developing pupils to appreciate both the Malay Language and culture at a deeper level. This programme is offered to Primary three and four pupils who perform well in Malay language and the otherinstructional subjects. The programme, will help build a strong foundation for pupils taking Higher Malay Language in Primary five and six.


2. Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Programmes

Reading is one of the essential ways to building competency in a language. The Mother Tongue Department conducts a reading programme for all pupils. Pupils will be engaged in various activities after reading a book. Pupils can borrow a book from either the school or class library for the reading session. To encourage reading and understanding, reading activities (reading booklet) are prepared for the pupils to complete.
3. Primary 1 Malay Language Speech & Drama 1-day Enrichment Camp
Primary One pupils will experience a 1-day Speech and Drama enrichment camp during the school holiday. The purpose of the enrichment camp is to build confidence and hone pupils’ speaking and listening skills. Pupils will be exposed to the different skills needed in drama such as speaking, performing and script reading. At the end of the camp, pupils will put up a performance for their peers and teachers.

Pupils in different costumes makes their characters come alive

4. Basic Reading Programme for Primary 1: Ular Dan Dahan

To promote the love for reading, the ML department embarked on a game based reading programme for our Primary One pupils. Pupils learn to read in a fun and non-threatening environment. Pupils enjoyed the game and at the same time improved their reading skills.

Learning Malay language in a fun and non-threatening environment

5. Learning Journeys

In line with our theme of appreciating language and culture, the department organises various learning journey for our pupils.
Our Primary One pupils will be making a trip to the Malay Heritage Centre to learn the history of Singapore and the lives of Malays in Singapore. Pupils will also get a chance to watch a traditional musical ensemble during the visit.

Our Primary Two pupils will be visiting the National Library at Bugis. They will be given a tour of the NLB followed by a Malay story-telling session. Pupils will be encouraged to borrow a book from the National Library.

Our Primary Three pupils will be visiting the philatelic museum. Pupils will learn the importance of stamps and the changes in stamp designs over a century. Pupils will also learn more of the significance of each stamp design.

Our Primary Four pupils will be making a trip to historical sites in Singapore such as Kampung Glam, Little India. During the trip, pupils will be using IPODs, to capture their learning and they will share what they have learned with the other Malay pupils.

Pupils enjoying and learning from the performance put up A moment to pose at a place full of information
6. Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight
Mother Tongue (MT) Fortnight activities which were conducted during curriculum time over two weeks allow authentic usage and exposure to Malay Language (ML). These activities provide platforms for students to actively learn ML and the associated culture so as to experience ML as a ‘living language’. Pupils will be exposed to a wide range of activities during the MT Fortnight in addition to learning and using the language.

Some of the activities planned for 2016 are as follows;
  1. Wayang Kulit making
  2. Batik painting
  3. Malay Traditional games
  4. Silat

A pose with their wayang kulit art work. Pupils enjoy playing the five stones with friends Pupils trying the simplified version of ‘lereng roda’
7. Hari Raya Celebration
The department organises the annual Sengkang Green Primary Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration in school. Pupils will be given an opportunity to put up performances and showcase their talents during the celebration. In addition, pupils will get to enjoy delicious Hari Raya desserts during recess as part of the celebration. On that day, pupils are encouraged to put on their Malay tradisional costumes during the celebration.

Pupils enjoy performing for their friends Hari Raya desserts for everyone