Tamil Language

Aims & Objectives

1. To develop pupils to be confident speakers, avid readers and competent writers.

2. To provide pupils with experiential learning that engages them to be Tamil language users.

Key Programmes

Let's Speak Programme

Primary 1 & 2 Mother Tongue pupils will undergo 10 weeks of Let’s Speak during Tamil lessons. Pupils are encouraged to speak in Tamil to increase their vocabulary and use it effectively. Proper intonation, expression and pronunciation are emphasized.

The 10 weeks will include experiential learning which will be conducted within the classroom and out of classroom learning experiences e.g role-playing, Learning Journey. The programme seeks to develop pupils’ presentation skills during the ‘Show and Tell’ and provide them with an authentic learning experience.

I can Write (Composition writing)

This programme’s objective is to engage the Primary 2 to write simple structured sentences. Ongoing writing lessons and follow up activities will be crafted for pupils to adopt skills for picture writing. Pictures will be restricted to pupils’ experience and syllabus themes.

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Programme

This broad-based reading programme is aimed at building Mother Tongue language competency of pupils who will be engaged in various activities after reading a book.

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities

During the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight, the Tamil pupils are exposed to a wide range of activities in addition to learning and using of Tamil Language. Various activities will be conducted in and beyond the Tamil class to enable students to learn and use Tamil language in novel and exciting ways. This will include Learning Journeys, traditional language games, role-playing and poetry writing.

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