CCA and Enrichment

Talent Development Programme

With the belief that every child has unique talents and abilities that can be developed given a conducive environment, the school adopts a 3D (Discover, Develop, Distinguish” approach in talent development.






Pupils are exposed to a myriad of discovery experiences through mass customised enrichment programmes  in the lower primary levels (P1 and P2). These experiences enable them to enjoy learning and discover their interests and talents. Through the discovery programmes, the school is able to identify pupils with potential that can be further developed through customised talent development programmes. Opportunities (eg competitions and performances) will be provided in and beyond school for pupils to showcase their talents and distinguish themselves.


Enrichment programmes are planned not only for skill and talent development, but for holistic education. Structured experiential learning as well as teachable moments exist in these programmes to facilitate the inculcation of values and character development .



Enrichment Programmes for P1 and P2

Enrichment Programmes are offered as part of the academic as well as non-academic programme. The English speech and drama programme  is an example of an enrichment programme conducted as part of the academic programme during curriculum time. Enrichment programmes in non-academic areas are also offered outside curriculum time on an optional basis. Such enrichment programmes in 2013   include Jazz Dance, Ballet, Violin, Guzheng, Soccer, Robotics and Chinese Brush Painting.


In 2014, the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) will be introduced to P1 and P2 pupils. PAL is aimed at providing fun, experiential learning for pupils to develop their curiosity, creativity and social-emotional competencies. The activities in PAL are conducted in four domains, namely sports, outdoor education, visual arts and performing arts.