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Science Department

Key Personnel

Head of Department : Ms Imelda As'ari

Department Aims and Objectives

The Science department aims to :

stimulate child’s curiosity and passion for science through meaningful, authentic experiences
nurture reflective thinkers who ask scientific questions and appreciate how science affects their lives, the society and the environment
develop scientific literacy in learners to face challenges of the future

The three integral domains in the diagram are essential in the practice of science in Sengkang Green Primary School. These domains; (a) Authentic Experiences, (b) Reflection and (c) Scientific Literacy, are interdependently connected to enable our pupils to view science as meaningful and useful.

Key Programmes

  • Blended Inquiry Learning

Blended Inquiry Learning is an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that engages pupils intellectually and foster their understanding of science concepts. The key focus is to provide a customized curriculum facilitated with technology in a blended learning environment. The programme will provide a platform for our pupils to work collaboratively with one another through our iCARE values. Pupils will be encouraged to be curious and explore things around them.

  • Back 2 Nature

The Back 2 Nature programme aims to nurture the naturalistic instinct in pupils and curiosity about the natural world by immersing them in authentic out-of-classroom experiences. Pupils are encouraged to constantly question their observations and appreciate the need for continuity and survival of living organisms. Pupils will be given opportunities to take ownership of their learning and make meaning from these experiences.

  Using our senses to learn about nature     Out-of-classroom experiences
   Love for nature

  •   Thinking Like a Scientist

    • The Thinking Like a Scientist programme focuses on development of concepts and skills in scientific literacy. Students assume the role of scientists, and engage in the processes necessary to solve problems, make decisions and take actions.


Using apparatus to learn science Solving problems  Investigations to develop scientific skills


P3 Holistic Assessment Plan

P4 Holistic Assessment Plan

Key Event of the Year

  • iDiscovery Day

    • iDiscovery Day aims to stimulate pupils’ interest in science and mathematics. The activities organise help pupils to conduct research and be involved in active inquiry. Pupils showcase projects and share their findings. In the spirit of healthy competition, pupils work together to question, observe, record and make sense of what they find. In the process, pupils collaborate, discuss and make decisions in a fun and engaging environment. 
Observing specimens Investigating inquiry questions Sharing of research projects Presentation of project