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Mr Lim Jit Hin's (Vice Principal) Profile




Mr Lim Jit Hin, Vice Principal


Mr Lim Jit Hin was appointed Vice-Principal of Sengkang Green Primary (SKGPS) on 15 December 2015. 


Mr Lim began his career in education in 1997 when he joined Yumin Primary School as a teacher. He later became the Head of Department for Discipline and Pastoral Care in 1998 at the same school. In 2001, he completed his Diploma in Departmental Management and continued as HOD for Pupil Development until 2003. 


In 2004, Mr Lim left Yumin Primary School to pursue his Master in Educational Management at the University of Melbourne. Upon completing his post-graduate studies in Australia, Mr Lim joined Park View Primary School on 15 December 2004 as HOD for Pupil Well-Being and Aesthetics. He was appointed Vice-Principal of Park View Primary School on 15 December 2010. 


Mr Lim believes that every child matters. He believes that each child is like a precious gem that needs to be polished so that he or she can shine in his or her own uniqueness. He believes in helping students to discover their own talents, to make the best of their talents and realise their full potential. Mr Lim is also a strong advocate of home-school partnership and believes that it plays a key role in moulding each child’s character, setting him or her on the right path towards success.


Mr Lim was a proud recipient of the National Day Commendation Medal in 2010.