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Edusave Awards For Primary School - 18 Oct 2018

Edusave Awards Flyers ( English, Chinese, Malay & Tamil )

Primary 1 - 5: Holistic Assessment  Matters for Term 4 - 18 Sep 2018

Primary 1 to 5 Holistic Assessment Matters for Term 4.pdf 

Award for Character Excellence (ACE) and Edusave Character Award (ECHA) 2018 - 24 Aug 2018

Award for Character Excellence (ACE) and Edusave Character Award (ECHA) 2018

ECHA Nomination Form 2018

Enrichment Programme Term 4 2018

Enrichment Programmes 2018 Schedule Term 4 2018 (Updated)

Beijing Immersion Trip 2018 Photographs 25 Jul 2018

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P4 SBB Information

2018 P4 SBB.pdf 


P4 Camp Parent Slides 9 Jul 2018

P4 Camp Parent_Online_slides_2018_final.pdf 

Enrichment Programme Term 3 2018

Enrichment Programmes 2018 Schedule Term 3_2018 (updated) 

Travel Declaration User Guide 14 May 2018

Travel Declaration User Guide.pdf

Parent-Teacher-Child Conference User Guide 4 May 2018

PTCC User Guide.pdf

Student Learning Space 9 April 2018

Student Learning Space - Instructions & FAQs.pdf

Enrichment Programme Term 2 2018

Enrichment Programmes 2018 Schedule Term 2 (Updated 8 March 2018)

Primary 3 to Primary 6 Engagement Session 3 February 2018

P3 & P4 Parents Engagement (Hall)

P3 Parents Engagement (Classroom)

P4 Parents Engagement (Classroom)

P5 & P6 Parents Engagement (Hall)

P5 Parents Engagement (Classroom)

P6 Parents Engagement (Classroom)

Primary 1 and 2 Engagement Session 27 January 2018

P1 Parents Engagement (Hall) 

P1 Parents Engagement Classroom

P2 Parents Engagement (Hall)

P2 Parents Engagement Classroom 

What is Your Child Learning in Social Studies? (Video)


"discoveReads" is an interactive online reading platform by NLB that encourages children to connect with one another over their love for books, and parents can learn of its key features through the web banner. This is a good platform to educate parents on reading trends and Read@School events organised by the NLB. Click here 



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