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Mrs Daphne Yeoh's (Principal) Message

Principal - Mrs Yeoh 


Sengkang Green Primary School received her first batch of 160 P1 pupils in 2013. As a relatively new school, we are delighted to receive the warm support of our community. The school has since grown to its current enrolment of over 1100 pupils spread over five levels. Our teaching and non-teaching staff continue to provide a caring environment and strive towards providing an excellent learning environment for our pupils.

Every child can learn and has unique talents and abilities that can be developed given a caring and conducive environment. With that educational philosophy, the school provides a fun and broad-based programme for every child with a myriad of discovery experiences to learn about himself / herself and identify his / her interests and talents. Pupils who demonstrate potential will be given the opportunity to be further developed and every support will be provided to enable the child to excel.

While academic rigour is important in pupils’ cognitive development, we must go beyond grades and marks. We want to inspire a love for knowledge, self-directed learning and learning in collaboration with others. Experiential learning and the use of technology will be featured prominently in the curriculum to achieve these outcomes.

I believe a strong character is a pre-requisite to success in life. To this end, a structured character and citizenship education programme is weaved into the curriculum to ensure the inculcation of sound values, lifeskills and 21st century competencies. Both the development of character and the development of abilities are important in nurturing the whole child. As such, we place equal emphasis on inculcating sound moral values and equipping pupils with knowledge, skills and competencies for the future. We strive to develop pupils into confident individuals, self-directed learners, concerned citizens and active contributors.

Equipped with the latest facilities of a new generation school and a team of dedicated and competent staff, we are confident of providing a positive learning environment for your child. At the same time, we look forward to a strong home-school partnership where we work closely with every parent to bring out the best in every child.

We welcome you to be part of the Sengkang Green family.

Your Partner-in-Education,


Mrs Daphne Yeoh