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Parents Support Group (PSG)



Mrs Merinda Kong


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                 Mdm Jessica Lim

                 Vice Chairperson

                            Mdm Pauline Kum

                             Vice Chairperson


Message from the Parent Support Group (PSG) Chairperson


Mrs Merinda Kong


Warmest Greetings to all Parents / Guardians, 

My name is Merinda. I am a mother of a Primary 4 boy. I am pleased and honoured to be appointed as Chairperson for 2017. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our 2016 PSG EXCO team for making 2016 an eventful and meaningful year for the PSG, and to welcome our new committee members aboard. I would like to also thank the school for the endless support and guidance given.  

The PSG is a group of parent volunteers who work closely with the school to create and maintain a nurturing school environment for our children’s learning and holistic development. It is also a platform for the parents to build friendship with like-minded parents. 

I strongly believe the importance of active home-school partnership. Your presence in school will convey an important message to your child about the value placed on schooling. By joining the Parent Support Group (PSG), you will go beyond supporting your own child, and contribute to a larger group of pupils in the school.

We welcome all parents who would like to contribute their time, ideas and expertise to help out with school activities. There is no better way to keep abreast of the happenings in and around the school than to be personally involved. 

Last, but not least, on behalf of the team, we would like to extend our grateful thanks for all PSG members for the valuable participation, contribution and support, without which our 2016 events could not have been so successful. 

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs Merinda Kong







Meaning of PSG Logo


The SKGPS PSG logo features many outstretched hands, signifying volunteering and working together to make a difference.  The hands vibrate in different colours that are reflective of SKGPS’s multi-cultural environment.  There is a combination of big and small hands representing an inclusive and welcoming community in the school. The logo also depicts the PSG movement of creating a nurturing environment for our children, impacting pupils as active participants in moulding their own future and the legacy of the school. 



We aim to: 

(1) Promote close co-operation and understanding between parents/guardians, school leaders and teachers in matters relating to holistic development of pupils

(2) Provide support to school in the holistic development of pupils

(3) Encourage social activities and relationship among parents, teachers and pupils


Why join the PSG? 


 As a PSG Member, you will be able: 

(1) Participate in social and educational programmes for pupils and other parents 

(2) Be part of the feedback unit to build a nurturing, caring school and home environment for your   



How can you play a part? Join the PSG and be a Parent volunteer.
You may fill up an application form at the General Office and submit it at the reception.

Kindly email to lee_soek_hua@moe.edu.sg, tan_puay_kheng_catherine@moe.edu.sg  or sangeet_uppal@moe.edu.sg  for any queries or clarification with regards to the PSG.



Highlights of Present activities participated by PSG Members


Family Day.jpg TDD.jpg

Family Day



PSG Recruitment Drive 



   Total Defence Day




Racial Harmony.jpg

International Friendship Day Celebration

Learning Journey 



Racial Harmony Day cum Hari Raya Celebration




P4 Project.jpg Mother Day.jpg Food Donation.jpg

P4 Project Buddy Clean (VIA)



Mother's Day Celebration



Food Donation Drive