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Caring Teacher Award Nominations - 18 Sep 2019

Caring Teacher Award Poster

Nomination Form.pdf 

School Closure - 5 Sep 2019

School will be closed from 12.30pm onwards for school event.

ECHA Nomination form 2019 - 5 Sep 2019


An Affirmation Note to the staff - 2 Sep 2019

Affirmation Note Form

Term 4 Enrichment schedule 

Enrichment Programmes 2019 Schedule Term 4.docx 

MOE Primary School Transfer Service - 22 Aug 2019

Please refer to this link

Waiting List 2019 - 7 Aug 2019

MOE Kindergarten And KCare Waiting List Form.pdf 

SKGPS Waiting List 2019.xlsx 

Racial Harmony Day 2019 - 19 July 2019


P4 Parents Briefing - 11 July 2019

P4 Camp Parents Briefing_Online_Slides_2019.pdf 

Secondary School Fiesta - 17 May 2019

Secondary School Fiesta.pdf 

Travel Declaration - 15 May 2019

Parents Guide for PG Travel Declaration.pdf


Direct School Admission for Secondary Schools - 10 May 2019

Website for DSA Application

Parents Gateway - 9 May 2019

Letter to Parent ( Parents Gateway ).pdf 

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents.pdf 

SKGPS Open House 2019 - 7 May 2019

Sengkang Green Celebrates 2019

Parent Teacher Child Conference - 3 May 2019

PTCC - Letter to Parents.pdf 

PTCC User Guide.pdf 

SKG Celebrates - 2 May 2019


Flag Day - 18 Apr 2019

Flag Day Brochure.pdf 

Food From The Heart - 18 Apr 2019

Food From The Heart.pdf 


Cyberwellness Parents Tipsheet - 14 Mar 2019

Dear parents, this is our first online sharing on Cyberwellness through the school website.

Tip #1: Helping Your Children with Appropriate Online Expression 
2019 Cyberwellness Parents Tipsheet.pdf 

Today, the Internet revolution and the growing influence of social media in our lives have completely changed the way we behave. We post almost everything on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from food to our daily lives and these are not new to our children. Being digital natives, they have more experiences and are better in using these social platforms. Preventing them to use these platforms may not be the best strategies now but guiding them and safeguarding them through the use of T.H.I.N.K framework may be more meaningful.

Stay tuned for more tips and quizzes.

Term 2 Enrichment schedule - 7 Mar 2019

Enrichment Programmes 2019 Schedule Term 2.pdf 

Parents' Engagement Session - 22 Feb 2019

P2 Hall

P2 PES Slides (Hall).pdf 

P3 Classroom

P3 PES_Chinese.pdf 

P3 PES_Classroom & EMS_Slides.pdf 

P3 PES_Malay.pdf 

P3 Hall

P3 PES Slides (Hall).pdf 

P4 Classroom

P4 PES _Chinese.pdf 

P4 PES_Classroom & EMS _slides.pdf 

P4 PES_Malay.pdf 

P4 Hall

P4 PES Slides (Hall).pdf 

P5 Classroom

P5 MT briefing ML final.pdf 

P5 Parent Engagement Session.pdf 

P5 Parents' Briefing_Chinese.pdf 

P5 Hall

P5 PES Slides (Hall).pdf 

P6 Classroom

P6 MT briefing ML.pdf 

P6 Parent Engagement Session.pdf 

P6 Parents' Briefing_Chinese.pdf 

P6 Hall

P6 PES Slides (Hall).pdf 

Assessment Plan 2019 - 13 Feb 2019

P3 Assessment Plan 2019.pdf 

P4 Assessment Plan 2019.pdf 

P5 Assessment Plan 2019 (Standard Subjects).pdf 

P6 Assessment Plan 2019 (Foundation Subjects).pdf 

P6 Assessment Plan 2019 (Standard Subjects).pdf 

Norminate Your English Teacher - 4 Feb 2019

2019 Teaching_Nomination Form_Final.docx 

Student Learning Space - 21 Jan 2019

Student Learning Space - Instructions & FAQs.pdf

Mathematics Parents Workshop 2019

Online registration period

20 Jan 2019, 8 a.m. – 25 Jan 2019, 12 p.m.

P1 Mathematics Parents Workshop 2019

P2 Mathematics Parents Workshop 2019

P3 Mathematics Parents Workshop 2019

P4 Mathematics Parents Workshop 2019

MK open house 2019 and MK registration 2019 - 18 Jan 2019

MOE Kindergarten Website

P1 Orientation - Principal's Address - 26 Dec 2018

2019 P1 Orientation - Principal's Address.pdf 

What is Your Child Learning in Social Studies? (Video)


"discoveReads" is an interactive online reading platform by NLB that encourages children to connect with one another over their love for books, and parents can learn of its key features through the web banner. This is a good platform to educate parents on reading trends and Read@School events organised by the NLB. Click here 



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