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Key Personnel

Head of Department (Aesthetic): Mrs Trina Yee

Subject Head (Music) : Mrs Cindy Khoo

Art Coordinator: Mrs Felicia Ng


SKGians enjoy a vibrant art experience in school. They are given opportunities to explore, experiment and express with different art mediums. In doing so, our SKGians develop a deep interest in the art and an appreciation for the arts.

Through a specialised school-based arts curriculum, SKGians acquire visual arts and performing arts skills in the various modules. In the visual arts curriculum, these include a mixture of 2D, 3D and digital art making skills, as well as instrumental, ensemble and dance skills in the performing arts.


Our structured arts programmes are targeted at developing every SKGian’s ability to express ideas and appreciation for beauty, culture and traditions. The focus on local music in the performing arts domain and close observation of famous artistic styles in the visual arts domain are efforts to heighten our SKGians’ awareness of the arts around us. Subsequently, SKGians will participate in fun and interesting activities in art making and music making, using different media, materials and instruments which are age appropriate and caters to their level of development in the arts. 

 We are proud of our ceramic creations! Do they look pretty?  

Music Making was engaging. We had fun performing in groups. 


At Sengkang Green, we believe that a quality Arts education goes beyond the development of art and music knowledge and skills. Participation in art activities, collaborations in art and music making are excellent ways for character building. Through their active involvement and collaboration in music appreciation, performance and visual art projects, SKGians will develop a strong character centered on the school’s ICAR 2 E values. They will also acquire life skills as they learn and share together in meaningful activities that would help prepare them to be ready for service and for the future. 

  Markers and crayons are always our favourite media.
Working with our friends makes learning more interesting.

We respect and exhibit teamwork in keyboard playing.
I enjoy making music with my partner.


ICAR 2 E THROUGH THE ARTS programme at Sengkang Green Primary School is a structured whole school approach that harnesses the benefits of arts education to inculcate the school values of Integrity, Care, Active Teamwork, Respect, Responsibility and Excellence (ICAR 2 E) in our pupils, to develop them into:

Confident persons with a mind-set of excellence and integrity.

•           Active team players who can communicate effectively

•           Engaged learners with a passion for learning and a sense of responsibility

•           Concerned citizens who are caring and respectful


Leveraging on the arts, namely performing arts, visual arts and literary arts, as a natural mean for character building, the programme aims to develop SKGians, into citizens who are ready to serve , and ready for the future .   


The approach is guided by the SKGPS CCE Framework.  It is based on the belief that education is about preparing the child for the future. The programme is delivered through a vibrant arts curriculum where the syllabus, pedagogies, skill-sets of the different art forms and the theory of social constructionism in character education are infused.  The programme is focused on equipping pupils with the Knowledge, Skills and Values required to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Knowledge (Appreciation and Expression through the arts)
  • Skills (Ability in performing arts, visual arts and literary arts)
  • Values (ICAR 2 E)

 Displaying the value of care during visual art lessons

Building active teamwork through music lessons