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Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA)

At Sengkang Green Primary School, we believe in providing every child an all-rounded education and balancing the development of character and abilities. CCA plays an integral role in our holistic and all-rounded education. Through CCA, pupils discover their interests and talents. Active participation in CCAs nurtures social emotional competencies and values such as responsibility, active teamwork and resilience. Apart from fostering social integration and deepening pupils’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school, community and nation, it also equips pupils with skills to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.  


At Sengkang Green, we provide a comprehensive range of CCAs to cater to the diverse needs of our pupils. CCA is conducted every Wednesday during curriculum hours to enable all pupils from P3 and above to participate in a CCA.



International Dance 




The International Dance CCA introduces pupils to a wide genre of dance forms which are non-ethnic in nature. These include fusions of ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop dances. Through dance, pupils build technical skills in coordination, flexibility, spatial creativity and sense of rhythm.


In the process of practising and performing together, our young dancers learn the importance of discipline and active teamwork, while developing a love for dance, movements and appreciation for different dances. 



Indian Dance




The Indian Dance was formed in 2015 to cater to the passion of the dancers in SKG. The CCA provides an opportunity for pupils to appreciate the vibrant mix of fine aesthetics and energy of the Indian culture. These exciting characteristics have attracted children of different races to join the CCA. Through the active participation in the CCA, pupils build confidence and develop a sense of aesthetics appreciation in the performing arts as well as for the Indian Culture. The Indian dance CCA has done the school proud with her achievements and performances at the many platforms. 








The Choir introduces pupils to the wonders of using their voices as a natural bodily instrument. Through choral singing, pupils are able to develop the different techniques of vocal projection, accurate pitching and diction while building confidence and musicality.


As a group of young singers, pupils learn to respect the different roles that each section has and understand the importance of active teamwork in singing harmoniously together. With the skills and right values woven together, their voices strike a melodious chord together.






The Guzheng CCA aims to provide a musical and cultural experience for our pupils. Techniques in playing the instrument are taught through Chinese poetry and rhymes. Fun and engaging lessons together with sheer hard work and dedication see our pupils mastering the basic foundation in playing the Guzheng.


Through the different performance platforms, our pupils build confidence, learn the importance of active teamwork and resilience in their pursuit of excellence. 







The violin CCA aims to equip pupils who have the passion for classical music with the skills and techniques in playing the violin.  Through practising and playing together, the ensemble harnesses and hones our pupils’ skills so that they become confident musicians, with a deep appreciation for classical music and the ability to perform in a team. 


Through the participation in the CCA, pupils are taught the different aspects of musical theory and performance directions. Apart from the practical and theoretical musical knowledge, pupils also learn to work together in an ensemble and develop confidence and responsibility through performances. 



Art Club



The Art club provides opportunities for pupils who have an interest in the visual arts to develop their artistic skills to the fullest through hands-on experience in different art forms and in using different medium.


With the objectives to inculcate an eye for aesthetical appreciation, pupils in the art club go in depth into different art forms and explore the different interactions between media. Pupils gain greater understanding through learning journeys and art video discussions which are implemented to enhance the learning of art beyond the classroom. These activities promote teamwork, inculcate respect for different art forms and nurture pupils into life-long learners in Art.







The Robotics CCA provides our pupils with the opportunity to learn about robot mechanism and engineering in an inter-disciplinary and problem-based learning environment. Pupils are exposed to Lego creation and construction while undergoing a series of interesting and fun-filled activities using LEGO EV3, an interactive learning tool for robotics.


The Robotics CCA is an excellent platform to generate interest and to engage pupils in developing useful skills, encourage active teamwork and promote critical and inventive thinking to meet future challenges.



New Media Club


The New Media Club aims to develop SKGians as competent and confident media users in the digital age. Through their active participation in the CCA, pupils are exposed to and acquire various multimedia skills such as photography and animation. These pupils become active contributors to the community, applying their skills in positive and meaningful ways. 












The football CCA is a popular choice among the boys in SKGPS. The boys are introduced to the different aspects of the game, from the rules, the footwork, the ball skills to the tactics and strategies when facing an opponent.


Apart from the knowledge and understanding, the CCA aims to inculcate footballers with the school values of integrity in fair play and responsibility for oneself and team mates during training sessions in order to play successfully and safely. 






Basketball is one of the popular sports among SKGians. The Basketball CCA aims to build a team of pupils who are passionate in the sport and have the determination to excel in the sport.


The basketball training focuses on the fundamental basketball skills such as bouncing, dribbling, passing, shooting and lay-up together with the understanding of the rules and regulations of the game.


In the course of training, pupils learn the importance of integrity in fair play and active teamwork to achieve excellence. 



Green Sparks



In Green Sparks, pupils explore the roles and benefits of plants in the environment. Through hands-on experiences in gardening and learning journeys, pupils understand the importance of conserving the environment to protect the diversity of living things around them. Pupils also go through how scientists work as they get curious with their environment, raise questions and make attempts to answer their questions through investigative experiments.