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Mathematics Department

Key Personnel:


Subject Head of Department : Miss Siti Noorul Ain


Department Aims and Objectives:


To enable pupils to:

  • Acquire the relevant mathematical skills and concepts to apply in real life situations.
  • Develop creative and critical problem solving skills.
  • Cultivate positive attitude towards mathematics.
  • Make effective use of various mathematical tools (including ICT tools) in the learning and application of mathematics.
  • Become independent and self-directed learners.



Key Programmes


1. L.E.A.P. Programme (Learning Effective Approach to Problem-solving)


Mathematical problem-solving has been a central focus of the mathematics curriculum. It involves the application of mathematics concepts

and skills in a wide range of situations, including non-routine and real-world problems. Heuristics will enable pupils to adopt different 

strategies or techniques in problem-solving. 


2. Enhanced Learning Experience

Pupils will be involved in experiential and activity-based learning. They will explore and learn mathematical concepts and skills

through engaging activities. They will use manipulatives and other resources to construct meanings and understandings. 


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3. Math Olympiad


The programme is for selected pupils in P3, P4 and P5. During the sessions, the pupils will develop higher order problem solving skills through the introduction of Mathematical Olympiad questions. They will solve challenging Mathematics questions that will stimulate their logical and creative thinking skills.


4. Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM)

Learning Support Mathematics (LSM) programme provides better support for selected Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils who need more reinforcement in their learning of basic numeracy in Mathematics. Pupils are placed in smaller groups and used customized activities based on their learning progress.


 Assessments 2017


Primary 1




 Primary 2



Primary 3



Primary 4


Primary 5




Major Events





1. Mathematics Carnival


The Mathematics Carnival provides an opportunity for our pupils to practise mathematical skills through the use of different games. The Carnival also includes a reward system that aims to reinforce positive behaviour and expectations. Four weeks prior to the carnival, our pupils will be ‘rewarded’ with carnival tokens when they display school values such as responsibility and active teamwork during math lessons. These tokens will then be used to play the mathematical games at the Carnival. 

The Carnival also allows the pupils to practice financial literacy through authentic learning. They will need to 'spend' their tokens at the game stalls and be in involved in decision making by deciding on what games to play for the amount of tokens that they have. 

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2. Mathematics Trail

Math Trail in SKGPS provides pupils with the opportunity to relate mathematical concepts to real life situations that they would encounter. It will also help to improve pupils’ interest in Mathematics and make learning enjoyable.



3. P1 and P2 Mathematics Parent's Workshop


The objective of the workshop is to share with parents some strategies that they can use to engage and help their children in their learning of Mathematics at home. The C-P-A (concrete-pictorial-abstract) approach was demonstrated through topics such as making number bonds and addition and subtraction within 100. Manipulatives in the form of cubes were used in the teaching of the C-P-A approach.


During the workshop, parents will get to experience different types of heuristics skills used in problem solving. These skills will equip parents with better understanding on how the programme in the school equips their child with necessary skill set to tackle non routine questions.  For the past 3 years, the sessions were well received by parents. Parents have expressed that the workshop benefitted them in engaging their child learning at home.


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4. iDiscovery Day


Our Primary 3 to Primary 5 pupils will be engaged in challenging but fun activities that promote analytical and social skills. Pupils work in teams to solve mathematical puzzles which involve addition and multiplication in the fastest way possible.  Puzzles offer opportunities to expand social skills and they are a great way to develop and strengthen reasoning and logical thinking skills that are essential to math. 

When children work cooperatively to complete a puzzle, they engage in active conversation. They develop a plan to solve the puzzles by taking turns and help one another. 

Through this programme, our pupils demonstrate great interest in the mathematical tasks given and show their perseverance at trying to solve the puzzles. This is closely-knitted to one of the department objectives – for our pupils to cultivate positive attitude towards Mathematics. 

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